Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Ed Report

"I'm screaming at my brother on the cell phone he is far away"

I talked to Ed at length today. He seems to be doing well. What relieves me more than anything when I talk to him is that our conversations online chatting while he is in Iraq and I am home are exactly like the conversations we would have just about any where any time. Something about this I find oh so very comforting.

12:16 PM Edward: whats up dude?
12:17 PM me: Hey man
what's happening?

12:18 PM Edward: not much
12:19 PM hows the house?

me: Oh man it's so great.
We're getting settled in and unpacking
Wish you were here to see it and all...but soon enough hopefully?

12:20 PM Edward: yeah
wish i was there too

me: How are you doing over there?

Edward: doin good man
its hot
boring work
I actually got to kick in a bunch of doors the other day

me: nice...all commando and shit
You staying safe?

Edward: hells yeah
i was bustin the shit outta some doors
a lot of fun
i had a sledge hammer too
it was bad ass
ya know it
I'm way too bad ass and shit

12:27 PM me: ???
find anyone behind them?
Come get some!
all Duke Nukem

Edward: heh

me: awesome man
you guys were raiding?
kickin with your boot?
and a sledge hammer?

Edward: we just searched the houses
no bad guys
Edward: no they werent raids

Other than that we talk about LSU football, video games, and random stuff going on in our lives. It's pretty nice.