Friday, August 04, 2006

More Marital Music Debate

Occasionally Lindsey I and get into interesting discussions about music. They are usually pretty silly, but entertaining none the less. Well, you guys know what I'm talking about. I've addressed one of them here already.

Last week in the days leading to up to the Tom Petty concert, we started talking about the fact that people tend to compare Tom Petty to Bob Dylan all the time. Lindsey asked why I thought that happened, and I said it is probably because they both have pretty nasal, kind of whiny voices that at times sound similar. Even Saturday Night Live parodied the two paired together singing "We Are the World" (was that on SNL?).

Then she started going on and on about how she likes Tom Petty so much more than Bob Dylan. I had a hard time with this because I really really like Bob Dylan. Granted, I really really like Tom Petty too.

Now that I've had some time to think about it, I don't know why I like Bob Dylan better than Tom Petty, I just do. Then I read something that made me re-think things. I think I tend to put Bob Dylan on a pedestal. I can't explain to anyone what it is I like so much about Dylan, or why his music is great. Most of the time I probably couldn't even tell you exactly what a lot of his songs are about. I just really like it, and I totally understand if someone else doesn't like it...his music is certainly not for everyone. So I've been torn about the issue.

However, I think I have it now.

The tour that Tom Petty is currently on is said to be his last. He is touring with his band The Heartbreakers in celebration of their 30th Anniversary. So, he is on his own tour in support of his own 30th Anniversary, which I think is great. It was a killer show, and judging by the reviews I've read the whole tour has been really good.

In 1993 however, in memory of Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary a number of artists were invited to perform at a concert in Bob Dylan's honor. That night, Tom Petty was one of the artists who were there to pay tribute to Bob Dylan.

Now I don't mean to imply that this means unequivocally that Bob Dylan is better than Tom Petty. I think they are both great artists whose old music and new music I still love. I only point this out to put the discussion in perspective.