Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Heart of Acadiana

Being both from the Lafayette/Acadiana area and a New Orleans evacuee, this article hits pretty close to home. It's nice to see things like this about your home.

Evacuee appreciates Lafayette

As an evacuee from the metropolitan New Orleans area, I would like to thank the people of Lafayette and Acadiana.
There were so many people who helped us and shared with us.

I would like to thank the government officials, the police department, health department and social services.

All the drivers who put up with me getting in the wrong lane and let me over. As I am physically disabled, I especially appreciate all of you who didn't try to run me over as I hobbled across the streets and parking lots. In metro New Orleans, I feel I am a target for thoughtless drivers.
There was a certain owner of a book store who gave me two books for no charge. The drug stores who didn't charge me for my medications. Certain doctors who treated me for free.

All of the churches who fed us physically and spiritually. Gave us gifts of money, food and clothing.

In the midst of the reconstruction of my home, I may have forgotten the names and companies and organizations and people. I wish to thank all of you; your warmth and generosity will never be forgotten.

Lloyd Donahoe


Originally published November 30, 2005

Taken from The Daily Advertiser