Tuesday, November 29, 2005

OK Here We Go

Things are going well for us in Portland so far. We have now been here for 18 days and have actually managed to learn our way around town...a little. I can get to Scott and Elise's house, my office, the post office, several bars and restaurants, a few grocery stores, and that's about all.

Well, that isn't entirely all. As of today, I now know how to get to our new apartment.

Yes, you read correctly; for the first time since August 27th when we evacuated (depending on how you look at it that's 94 days, or 13.4 weeks, or roughly 3.35 months), we have our own place to live. There is a roof above my head that I can call my own. We found a decent little two bedroom, one bath apartment in Southeast Portland for a reasonable price and moved in today. It isn't much, but it'll do for the next six months or so until we can find something better (preferably a house.) Scott and Elise were great hosts, and we really appreciate all of the hospitality they have shown us since we arrived.

Also, we had an awesome Thanksgiving which included an incredibly moist and delicious turkey cooked by none other than our very own Scott Sonnier. There were about seven of us all told, and we had a really nice time. After all of the guests left (I guess Lindsey and I were guests too, but nevermind) Scott and Elise and Lindsey and I stayed up late drinking beer and wine and playing Scene It - DVD Edition. If you like movies and you haven't played the game I recommend it. It was a lot of fun.