Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Disappearing Act

So in the week since I last wrote about the current status of things, not a whole lot has happened, hence the lack of writing.

We have been in Lafayette making various arrangements relating to our upcoming move to Portland, such as hiring a moving company to come to New Orleans and load all of our stuff into a truck and move it across the country. The only other thing we've done is to stay in touch with our real estate agent so that we can get our house on the market.

The agent dropped off a package at the house in New Orleans, which we received last week when we went down there to pick up the car. The package contained our legal disclosure, which is required in order for any house to be sold. We filled out the disclosure, and on Monday I went to UPS to have it delivered overnight. Well, despite what the agent told me to the contrary, UPS said that they were not delivering to the specified area. So there went that plan. I already knew that the Postal Service wasn't delivering there, so I was kinda screwed. At that point, my buddy Nike and I decided that we would drive to New Orleans to hand deliver the papers ourselves, which is what I did on Tuesday. We headed out to New Orleans, dropped that off and headed back.

On the way back from New Orleans we stopped off in Baton Rouge at LSU because Nike wanted to drive through campus. When we reached the LSU Tigers' practice football field, we saw that they were practicing and so decided to stop. We weren't able to watch the practice because it was closed to the public, but we took a quick tour of the team's brand new weight-lifting facility and brand new locker room. No matter how new a locker room is, I am here to tell you that it still smells like a locker room. Men stink and that is all there is to it.

After that quick tour, Nike took me to the Tigers' indoor practice field, which was actually pretty cool. It is a 100 yard indoor football field, air-conditioned and astro-turfed. We found a spare ball laying around and threw it around and acted stupid for a few minutes and then left.

I've never been the biggest sports fan, and so have never really been a huge LSU fan (especially since I went to ULL, although I've gotten into it a little in the last year or so) but between the stuff we did today and the afternoon two years ago when Nike took me to walk on the grass of Tiger Stadium (Death Valley) when it was empty (that was surreal,) it was pretty neat to get to go places that not even many fans ever get to go. It's nice to know people sometimes (Nike played football for LSU for three and a half years, and people still know him there.)

Honestly though, that's the update. Our house should be on the market by the end of this week, and we will just be waiting for a buyer from then on out.

Our movers are scheduled to pick up our stuff on October 27th OR 28th (they won't give me a day, just one of those two) and so we will have to meet them there when they need, unlock the door and let them work their magic. Once that is done we will be hitting the road for the last time to move to Portland. We are very much looking forward to our lives returning to something that at least sort of resembles normal.