Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Getting Back To It

About a week ago, one of our "tax season treats" was a huge selection of ice cream and various toppings, all laid out in our library for the taking. Everything that didn't get eaten that day was put away in the freezer for us to eat while working late nights and all.

A few minutes ago I got up to have some ice cream because I'm pissed off about being here at 8:00 at night, with at least another two hours ahead of me, and I figured ice cream would calm me down a little bit. When I opened the freezer, there were only two flavors left (out of about ten total flavors that were purchased,) Strawberry and Neopolitan. No problem, I love Neopolitan, right?

So I pull out a spoon and the biggest coffee mug I could find and I take the Neopolitan out of the freezer. I open the carton only to find that someone scooped out all of the chocolate AND all of the vanilla, leaving only strawberry left in the Neopolitan carton.

My first and only thought was "Now what kind of devil-trash eats all of the other flavors and just leaves one flavor left?"

The expression "devil-trash," I think is another family-ism that should be added to the list created in the previous post.

And then my head exploded due to the anger boiling inside of me.