Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Wouldn't Want to Come Out Either

Well we went back to the doctor this past Monday (June 9th) and while everything is still happy and healthy, the news was slightly less than exciting.

Lindsey is dilated three cm and 50% effaced. These are good things, it means that everything is moving along quite nicely. The bummer is that there was no change from our prior appointment two weeks before that! The real bummer is that so far she doesn't seem to be having very many contractions. At this point, who knows when Sam is going to decide he's ready. He could pop out literally any day in today...or tonight. But it could still be quite some time. There is just no telling because he gets to do things on his own time.

Our doctor, who has been really great throughout this whole pregnancy, told us that she doesn't induce labor until the baby is one week late (not really late, just that he still hasn't been born one week after the due date). This was a downer for Lindsey who is really uncomfortable this far into the summer as pregnant as she is, but the upside is that without a doubt he'll be here by June 26th! At a bare minimum we will have a baby in our arms in two weeks time. I find that reassuring, but then again I'm not the one carrying him around in my abdomen.

And who can blame Sam really? We've set up a pretty sweet nursery for him and gotten all kinds of great clothes and really cool stuff, but I'm sure all of that pales in comparison to the comfort of the womb. I suppose in the end that he will come out when he is good and ready.

We will keep you all updated. As I understand it Women's and Children's Hospital now has Wi-Fi, so I should be able to update everyone pretty well from the hospital. So everyone stay tuned in to my Twitter feed and as always keep checking Useless and Pointless Knowledge.