Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Childbirth Preparation

Last night Lindsey and I went to a class at Women's and Children's Hospital on Childbirth Preparation. I don't think Lindsey learned much (being an RN and all), so the class was mostly for my benefit.

The class is described as follows:

The purpose of this class is to teach the couple about labor and delivery. Topics will include admission procedure, pain interventions, labor and the coach's role, delivery of the baby and a tour of one of our Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suites. Classes fill quickly, so enroll early and ask to take a class during your 7th month of pregnancy.

I think Lindsey wanted to be sure that I am familiar and comfortable with all of the terms involved, the hospital itself, and that any questions I have are addressed. All in all I feel like I learned a bit. I've been doing a lot of reading about pregnancy over the last eight months and so have learned quite a lot that way, but I am certainly no expert. It was nice to have a professional (one that I'm not married to) in front of the class talking about everything that we should expect.