Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One of Those Ideas You Wish Were Yours

I love JoshSpear.com. Such a cool site to keep up with what's happening in design and art. He finds cool stuff and tells you about it. I've written about his site before when he posted about Luke Chueh.

Read on after the jump for his latest cool recommendation.

Yesterday he wrote about two sites I hadn't heard of before: Wants For Sale and Needs For Sale. Apparently Wants For Sale came first, its purpose being:

Aimed at providing the couple a chance to acquire objects of their material fancy through the sale of artistic renderings of said wants at the exact cost of said item, Justin and Christine were able to afford everything ranging from a slice of pizza to an iPhone.

The new site Needs For Sale has a more charitable purpose:

All of the paintings Justin and Christine sell go to help various causes; for instance, Habitat for Humanity says that a $100 donation buys a kitchen sink, so the site has a painting of a kitchen sink on sale for $100.

So give a little cash, get some cool art and depending on what you buy, help a good cause. These may make good Christmas presents.