Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Healthy Update

We had our second visit to the doctor's office today and everything still seems good. We were able to hear the heartbeat which was a huge relief. Once the heartbeat has been detected, the rate of losing the pregnancy drops to about five percent (I think that's what the doctor said). So we are much relieved to have heard it. It was pretty amazing.

Follow the jump for another illustration of the baby at ten weeks.

Lindsey will be ten weeks pregnant tomorrow. We've had some confusion over the placement of the date of conception. Apparently tomorrow is the day the doctor is using as the ten week mark, so that's what we'll go with (which places the due date at June 19th). That was the initial date used at our first appointment. The confusion arose due to the size of the baby when we had the ultra sound done. The doctor who did the ultrasound placed the date of conception about four days earlier than our doctor did. Apparently they only change the due date if there is a discrepancy of ten days or more. So, June 19th it is.

Week 10