Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Is A Post About Television (Do Not Call Me Tonight Between 8:00 - 9:00 pm CST)

Lost begins its third season this evening, and obviously I can't wait. I hope the third season blows the second out of the water, even though I liked the second season a lot.

I've been meaning to ask, are you guys watching Heroes on NBC? I assume that you all are because I know my reading audience is very smart, and anyone smart enough to know they should be reading my blog has to be smart enough to know that this show is awesome.

It is only two episodes in so far, so I can't say yet how great it is, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that it's the best new show of the fall season. I love it. I get completely lost in the show for an hour, and there aren't many shows that have done that for me. Granted, I am partial to sci-fi type shows, so many of you may not like it too much, but I ask that you at least check it out. It is very cool.

Another new show which has me very excited this season is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Who knew this show was going to be so damned good? And I mean it is seriously good. I think anyone can enjoy watching this kind of show. It's not genre TV like Heroes, so the appeal is to a much broader audience. The writing is quick, biting, witty and real. The casting and acting have been absolutely top-notch thus far. I am pretty blown out of the water on all counts. If you haven't already (and I know you probably guys are smart remember) check out this show also on NBC.

Other new shows of the season which I am enjoying are Smith starring Ray Liotta and Jericho starring Skeet Ulrich, both on CBS. I am really into both of these as well, but not nearly as excited about them as the two mentioned above. Smith is really exciting to watch. Each episode plays out like an hour long movie once a week. I've been really impressed with the cast and writing so far. These characters have complicated, dark pasts that we will get to explore for a long time watching the show. I like that. The writers have done a superb job at hinting at their dark pasts without actually telling us too much, which keeps me coming back every week. Plus, the heists they pull every week are seriously cool.

I have been keeping up with ABC's Six Degrees, and so far I like it, but I need to see some excitement and something to get me interested and invested in the characters. It's been a slow start for that one. Again, if you have time and are looking for good television, I suggest these three.

It hasn't started yet, but I look forward to the premier of NBC's 30 Rock created by ex-Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey. This looks to be a great new comedy. Have you guys ever really watched Alec Baldwin in a comedic role? The guy has got serious comedy instincts.

The great thing about network television this year is that all three of the major networks have committed to airing their shows online after they've aired on TV. So if you miss an episode and did not record it, all you have to do is visit the network's website and watch the show there. Very cool, and very wise on the part of the networks.

There are some shows returning this year which are also pretty good. Here are the shows in the second or greater season which I have been trying to keep up with. Most of these are also recommended.

My Name is Earl
The Office
How I Met Your Mother
What About Brian
Scrubs (though this one isn't returning for a while)