Monday, September 11, 2006

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Hey guys, I have officially (for now) moved this blog to the new Blogger Beta for a test run. If Google can keep Beta working well I'll keep it here, but if there are still too many problems, I am going to switch back to Blogger Classic until the bugs are fixed.

For now, they haven't implemented a feature to migrate or import the old blog to a new blog, so all of my old posts are still stuck on the old blog which is hosted on Blogger Classic. I seriously doubt that anyone reads my archives (hell I barely look back at them) but IF you are looking for them, they can be found at The link to that can be found on the sidebar as well.

If you notice the blog looking weird/messed up, can you leave a comment to let me know about it. An e-mail will work too.


Also, I have changed the way comments work. You guys can either register with Blogger Beta to leave comments, or leave them as "Other". When you click other you will see a space to fill in your name and web address.