Wednesday, July 05, 2006

T-Shirts I Might Wear If I Wore T-Shirts

I found a bunch of T-shirts online that I though I'd share with you guys. If you have trouble reading the text on the shirts, click on the photo for a larger version. Be sure to read through all of them though because I picked the cream of the crop, but my absolute favorites are peppered throughout the list rather than all at the top.

I'll start off with one that would be sure to win me more than a few friends here in Portland. If I wore this to the protests that go on outside of my building every Friday afternoon, there would be people stampeding toward me to be my friend.

I like this one simply because it’s such a contradictory and confusingly difficult attempt at existentialism.

Just good, old-fashioned ninja fun. And really, what better fun is there?

This shirt is perfect for me, not only because of the somewhat subtle, but not-too-thinly veiled reference to that unsung hip-hop hero of my youth, Vanilla Ice, but because I might actually have to get this one to once and for all confirm my transformation from hip youngster to full blown, hopelessly and perpetually uncool accountant. Because I am so rockin' a ten-key these days. Rockin' it hard too.


I'd die of laughter if I got this fortune in my cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

No matter where you wear it, this shirt is bound to be true in reference to roughly 90% of the people around you.

As a former mall employee, I get the joke here and love it, but I wonder how many non-mall workers would really appreciate it? Does everyone know about the morning mall-walkers?

If I lived in or were from any place in Michigan I would be all over this shirt.

I wish this one read "I'm Complex and Unique". I think it would be funnier that way.

This shirt is so close to being my favorite of the entire bunch. The only problem I have with it is the liberal use of the word retard as a derogatory term. I'm not saying I've never done that, but I'd never want to wear it on a t-shirt and I try not to do that even when speaking. It'd be a lot funnier if it just read " one should wear their collars up!" Because believe me...that is true. No one should wear their collars up.

All featured shirts can be purchased at PalmerCash