Thursday, July 20, 2006

Anniversaries Galore


Yesterday - July 19th, was the third anniversary of my marriage to Lindsey. Our lives have been a little crazy in the last three years (read through the archives if you want all the gory details) but the one thing that has been flawless and amazing has been our marriage.

We have a major announcement coming soon (most of you probably know it already, but I don't want it publicly addressed on the internet just yet) which requires us to be somewhat frugal at the moment, so we didn't do anything extravagant this year. We both took the day off of work yesterday and went on a Sternwheeler cruise on the Columbia River Gorge. It was super cool. The cruise itself is beautiful because the Columbia River Gorge is absolutely breathtaking. Adding to the interestingness of the trip was the commentary by the captain of the boat which detailed a number of historical landmarks and stories, particularly concerning the Lewis and Clark expedition down that very river. I thought it was cool to see an island that Lewis and Clark camped on, and to ride down the same river they rode down so many years ago.

Thinking of those men on that river, such a long time ago made me feel so temporary and insignificant. This is an old world we live in. It will be here longer than any of us will.

For more pictures visit my Flickr page.

And if you've been paying attention you might have realized (probably not) that July 15th marked the two year anniversary of the inception of this blog. It does not seem like I've been here for two years. Although, judging by the number of comments I get these days it looks like I've managed to chase off all of my readers in a mere two years.

To those of you who are still out there reading silently, thank you for sticking around. I still enjoy posting here, and I love hearing from you guys.

For now, goodnight Mrs. Calabash--wherever you are.