Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

A few days ago I was talking with Scott and another friend of ours about artists we're a little embarrassed to admit we listen to.

The specific artist in question was Elton John. With a few exceptions such as "Rocket Man" (which no one can deny is just a great, great song) we all (or at least the other guy and I...I can't remember where Scott stood) really like a lot of Elton John songs. For a couple of young, manly men such as ourselves, this is a little embarrassing.

Scott recently admitted that he likes Prince; a sentiment I happen to share, because quite frankly Prince is talented and creative as hell and why should anyone not like him? Though I must agree with the Batman thing. Let's ignore that.

Another artist I didn't own up to that night is the R&B artist Craig David. Man, his album "Born to Do It" Still blows me away five years after it was released, though his subsequent efforts fell flat for me. As a matter of fact, there are a number of R&B artists I probably wouldn't put on at a party with my friends.

So I am here to ask what artists you guys secretly like? Who do you rock out to alone, but would never listen to with your friends? What songs do you belt out like an American Idol contestant in the car alone, but when heard in public you might not even hum along? I invite you to publicly shed your secret, let your freak-flag fly, and own up to your tastes, good or bad.