Monday, October 03, 2005

Sorry For the Delay - This is What Happened Saturday

Written: Sunday, October 02, 2005 1:54 AM

By the time I actually post this, I will be far away from the spot where I sit writing it. You see, the Travel Inn in Limon, Colorado doesn’t seem to have internet access. Nor does it seem to have elevators, bedside tables, working televisions, or any decorations to speak of inside the room and out. It’s not important though, we just need a bed to sleep in for a few hours.

Lindsey and I left Dallas this afternoon at 1:00 pm. We were up at 11:00, had breakfast in a diner next door to the La Quinta Inn, and managed to get on the road by 1:00.

We drove for 12 hours and 800 miles. That took us out of Texas and completely through Oklahoma and Kansas. Kansas was a bitch. I didn’t think it would take very long to get through it, but we were in Kansas for most of the day.

I got pulled over for speeding in Kansas, that didn’t help much. I was going WAY over the speed limit and the cop was coming down the interstate in the opposite direction. He clocked me, made a u-turn on the median and pulled me over. Fortunately he took pity on us when he saw the address on my license and let me off with a warning. That was pretty damned lucky because let me tell you, that would have been a hell of a ticket and that is the last thing we need right now.

Beyond that, there isn’t much to report. We tore through the rest of the state and ended up in Limon, Colorado which I thought was going to be a bigger town than it turned out to be. I think we are now just a little under 100 miles from Denver.

I’m excited about tomorrow’s drive because driving through Denver and the rest of Colorado, and eventually Utah should be really pretty. I can only hope that the weather is clear so that we get a nice view of the mountains as we drive. So far we haven’t even had to drive in any rain.