Saturday, October 01, 2005

Night Time, Anytime It's Alright

We got a much later start than we anticipated, though that should be expected by now. Lindsey and I seem to always be a little behind schedule.

Friday was my last day of work, and so some of my co-workers decided to take me out for a bit when the day was over. We went to a daquiri shop near my office. I stayed for about an hour and a half, because over the last few days there no checkpoints to get into New Orleans so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I came in right at 6:00 (curfew time.) Wrong.

Turns out that the only time they set the checkpoints up is immediately before curfew and then they run them in to the evening to keep people from coming past curfew. I went to the Jefferson Highway checkpoint and got denied. They were very nice about it, but they still denied me. Then I went to River Road, and a National Guardsman by the name of Huey let me in on the condition that I make it quick and that I check back in with him when I leave.

So, via River Road to Magazine Street I drove like a maniac to the house to pick up Lindsey who had been home all day finishing up what little packing remained and washing clothes for our trip to Portland. I called ahead and told her to prepare everything to throw in the car so that we could get out quickly, which she did...many props to Lindsey.

I drove like a maniac again, back from where I came and checked in with Huey and he gave me a big thumbs up. Big props to Huey!

By the time we were finally on the interstate to head to Lafayette it was 7:00. I originally planned to leave New Orleans at 6:30, so really we were only 30 minutes behind, which is no big deal right? Wrong again.

Traffic on I-10 heading west was a nightmare. It took us three hours to get to Lafayette as opposed to usual two hours.

So we arrive at Lindsey's parents' house at 10:00 pm. We needed to go there so that I could pick up the charger for my camera because I knew that I would want to take a ton of pictures while we were on this road trip and while we were visiting Portland. I also figured I could get a decent dinner out of Lindsey's parents, because they are always great for a lot of things, but one thing they excel at is dinner. I was right about that. I got a good meal out of it. Big props to Lindsey's parents.

Several minor setbacks caused us to not get on the road until midnight. I seriously debated just staying Lafayette for the night in order to sleep well and get a fresh start in the morning, but decided against it, thinking: if we drive only four hours tonight, that will be four hours fewer to drive tomorrow. So we were officially back on the road to leave Lafayette and head to Portland at 12:00 am Saturday morning (Friday night.)

As I write this it is 6:00 am and I am in a La Quinta Inn in Dallas, Texas. We drove for six hours and managed to get to the north side of Dallas. That's decent time I think. When we wake up though we will already be on the right side of Dallas and all we have to do is get on the interstate that runs in front of the hotel and stay on it for 315 miles. That should be easy first-thing-in-the-morning driving.

I think we're making pretty decent time so far, and I have no idea where we will be tomorrow night, nor do I know what time we will finally stop tomorrow. I will try to find another hotel with a wireless network so that I can update again. For now, checkout time is noon so I've got to go and get my five hours of sleep.