Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm A Little Tired of Hurricanes

Today was supposed to be the day that our moving company arrived with a truck at our house in New Orleans to load up our stuff and move it to Portland. However, due to Hurricane Wilma hitting Florida I received a call on Tuesday to inform me that they would not be able to carry my load.

Under normal conditions this information would be relayed to the moving agent that we are working with, our names would go back onto the board and hopefully another moving company would pick up our order. The problem we are running into is that our moving agent is located in Miami, and I can't reach then and neither can the trucking company.

Fortunately, while I was finding all of this out, the trucking company called me back to say that they could in fact take our load, but it would be delayed slightly. So now I'm looking at Saturday possibly being the day that they get our stuff, although they haven't called back to confirm that yet. Once the trucking company gets our stuff we can clean the house and hit the road ourselves to move finally.

So for now I'm just waiting for phone calls, not knowing when we can actually move, all because of another damned hurricane. C'est la vie, right?