Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some Perspective

Going back to eating cold soup straight from a can, and sleeping in a 90 degree house a few days ago, I want to point out that I did what I had to do, because the people of New Orleans are left no choice at this point. Granted, I could have brought other types of food, like bread and peanut butter and jelly, but the groceries in my car had been there for a week and a half. Bread goes bad eventually. I packed only non-perishables because almost every day during that week and a half I tried to get to my house and was denied. I'm thinking survival rather than comfort and pleasant dining.

Also, I want to mention that I wasn't trying to complain or have anyone feel sorry for me, I was just reporting what I've been up to, which is what this blog is about, I guess.

The whole time I was in the house, I kept thinking about my brother. My younger brother.

I was sleeping in a house that was 90 degrees, he is sleeping in the Iraqi desert in 120 degree heat.

I was a little freaked out to be sleeping in a city where there COULD be crazy people with guns, he is sleeping in a country where there are DEFINITELY fanatics with guns that would love to take a shot at him.

I was nervous to walk around in the yard too much because there may be mosquitoes with bacteria that could bite me, or I could step on a rusty nail, he could step on an IED at any moment, or have a car bomb blow up near him.

Taking a look at it that way, sure life in New Orleans leaves a lot to be desired right now, but I'm going to put up with it without complaining, because it could be a lot worse. I only have to be here for a few more days, Ed is there for at least 17 more months or so.

Another big thank you and shout out to Edward and all of the other soldiers out there doing what they have to do.