Thursday, September 29, 2005

Damn Right It Was a Good Day

Yesterday wasn't a bad 25th birthday if I do say so myself.

I worked all day yesterday, but after work Lindsey came to meet me. We decided to drive into New Orleans together to see if we could both get past the checkpoints. We drove down Causeway Blvd. to Jefferson Highway and tried to get through the Jefferson Highway checkpoint. Keep in mind that residents in my zip code are not actually being allowed in yet. For that reason, we made up a story about going in to the CBD to meet our boss so that we could help him to finish cleaning up.

The National Guard guy that I got let me through, though I could tell he didn't really want to because I didn't have a business card or anything. I showed him my license and he knew I wasn't supposed to be going in if it wasn't related to work. In the end he was nice and let me through.

I drove on, and Lindsey pulled up in her car to a different National Guard guy. She wasn't as lucky. He took a look at her zip code and said no. He wouldn't hear any other explanation.

When she was denied, Lindsey called me and we decided that I should go ahead and drive to the house, and that she would try a different checkpoint. So I went home and she went back to Causeway Blvd. and took it to River Road. The next thing I knew, about 20 minutes later Lindsey was pulling up to meet me at the house. Obviously she was more lucky at the River Road checkpoint (oddly enough when I left for work this morning, there was no checkpoint on River Road.)

So anyway, once Lindsey was home we unloaded her car and I got some birthday treats. Instead of eating canned soup for dinner I got to eat a spinach lasagna from The Italian Pie that Lindsey brought from Lafayette. For dessert, I got a birthday cake which was awesome; carrot cake. One of my favorites.

Then I got presents. Lindsey gave me an awesome London Fog, lined windbreaker which is water resistant, so it will probably come in handy in Portland, and a pair of really comfortable Docker brand shorts. From Lindsey's parents I got a memory foam pillow, which is awesome because I drool over those any time I see them in a store. And finally, Shome gave me toys. Toys are awesome. I got a Batman Begins action figure (sweet) and a set of Legos. Legos are so bad-ass.

That was pretty much all of the birthday activity. Once I opened my gifts and had dinner, we got started packing again. We were able to do a good bit last night. We packed up the majority of the kitchen, which is going to be the toughest room in the house because all of the dishes have to be wrapped in newspaper and such. Once the kitchen is done it'll be smooth sailing. While I'm at work today, Lindsey will be at the house trying to make some progress.

Check out this picture:

This is the plane I was telling you guys about yesterday. That thing's flying pretty low eh? Sorry the plane is so far away, but it's a high res picture, so if you right click on it and save it to your hard drive, you can zoom in on it really well. Anybody know what kind it is....Dad?