Friday, August 12, 2005

The Ultimate Last Weekend

This is the compiled list of things useless and pointless knowledge readers would do if this were their last weekend in the U.S. Thanks to the following contributors: Shome, Beau, Jared, Darrell, Sloth, Elise, Mom, Dad.

Go to a strip club

Do some serious drinking.

Smoke all the American cigarettes you can get your hands on.

Eat some fast food and stuff that I probably wouldn't be able to get overseas.

Call your family

Sleep late.

Write e-mails, read blogs, and check your favorite websites, because even though you're SUPPOSED to have internet access over there, you never know.

Pass out on Sunday night.

CALL YOUR FAMILY!!!!! (don't forget grandparents)

Eat a giant hamburger with cheddar cheese and bacon!!!

Eat a lobster with melted butter and corn on the cob!!!


Right a wrong, but that would probably take up too much time and make 2 new wrongs in the process.

Do all that eating mentioned above as well as watch a movie or two.

Make sure to have some fun!

Have a long surf session

Enjoy some beers with my neighbor and bbq

Eat some stuffed pork chops

Go see as many live bands as you can

See my fiance every possible moment

Spend time with family if possible.

Spending time with beer also sounds good.

Call family

Ice cream!

Watch Hustle and Flow


Ed, if you're reading, we love you and hope that whatever you choose to do on your final weekend is fun and enjoyable. Be careful in Iraq and come home safe and soon. We're proud of your choice.

Take care, buddy.