Thursday, August 25, 2005

Now here is a blast from the past.

This weekend appears to be host to the 28th annual Gueydan Duck Festival. I looked through the website and barely recognized a single name in any of the write ups or many faces in the pictures.

I still think about the little town where I was born and raised, and I like to think that I can remember a lot about the town itself and the people there. But looking through those pictures, I didn't recognize locales, faces, anything. Although the president of the Duck Festival Association was my little league baseball coach, the secretary for the association was my first girlfriend, and one of the "Members at Large" (whatever that is) was in everyone of my classes when I was growing up.

I can feel one of those Garden State-type moments coming on when you feel like you need to go back home to see the place and on the way you are filled with these wonderful feelings of nostalgia. Then you arrive back at home and realize it isn't half of what you thought it would be.