Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Dream I Had on 08-03-2005

I'm in a club which has a very large main floor with a number of people standing around drinking, dancing, whatever. There are balconies on the two side walls that jut out of the wall and hang over the main floor of the club. I am standing on the balcony on the right side of the room. Next to the balcony I am standing on is another balcony which is slightly higher. The two balconies are close enough to each other that you could climb from one to the other if you really wanted to. I am standing on this balcony drinking with two friends of mine: my cousin Scott and another friend by the name of Mike Dugas.

While we're standing there drinking a guy who I do not know walks up to us and asks Scott for a sip of his drink. The guy looks like a younger version of the guitarist Slash of Guns n Roses fame. Scott scoffs and kind of ignores the guy, but Mike hands him his drink. Mike's drink is in a Styrofoam cup with a lid and a straw. Slash takes a sip from the drink but when he does, he sticks the straw really far into his mouth in an almost sexually suggestive way, but he was not being sexually suggestive, it looks like this is just the way he drinks from a straw, which is weird.

Scott is ignoring the guy, talking to someone else, but Mike and I are watching him in disbelief because we have no idea who he is and why he's asking us for a sip of our drinks. When I see him stick half of the straw in his mouth to drink, I can't hold it in anymore and I start laughing at him. Mike had been restraining himself from laughing as well, but when I start laughing, he loses it too. Slash kind of ignores our laughing but puts the drink down and leaves the balcony.

A few minutes pass with us just standing around on the balcony, when Slash suddenly appears on the other balcony right next to, but slightly above ours. He is holding a beer bottle in his hand. He looks at the three of us, takes a swig of his beer and then, without warning, smashes the bottle over the back of Scott's head. Scott falls to the ground and Slash takes off running. Mike and I are in shock but we go to Scott to see if he's okay and what we can do to help him. We lift his head, and there is a huge hole in the shape of a beer bottle on the back of his skull. It is bleeding profusely and there are bits of bone and brain matter oozing out. This is all happening in a matter of seconds.

Mike continues to cradle Scott's head in his lap and I jump up to chase after Slash. I hop from our balcony to the other one, and run through a door in the back of the balcony which leads to a stairwell. I run down the stairs and through another door and I'm on the main floor of the club. I see Slash running through the crowd and pursue him. I chase him to the front of the club, but rather than running through the front doors, he takes a hard left and runs into the women's restroom. I follow him into the restroom...

...and that's when I woke up.