Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whether the Weather?

Our house emerged unscathed from its first major weather event since we purchased it: Tropical Storm Cindy.

I came home from class last night at around ten p.m. and it was raining pretty hard with slightly higher winds than one might normally see. In the next two hours things got much nastier. At midnight the wind was howling like a banshee, causing the tree in my neighbor's back yard to bend at a crazy almost 90 degree angle. The rain kept coming down in sheets, and eventually we lost power at 12:30 this morning (naturally I was in the middle of a totally sweet round of SSX 3 when the power went out, and so I lost everything since my last save.)

When I left the house to come to work this morning, my house still had no power. Here's to hoping that it's back on by the time I get home tonight!

As I drove to work this morning, I saw some pretty cool destruction all over the place. It was mostly trees in the road and road signs blown over, but it looked cool. If I can, I'll get some pictures of the carnage left around the city by the wind and post them here. I was hoping my office would be closed today so that I could survey the damage and take pictures all day but alas, I am in the office for the day.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to those family members who called to find out if I was getting my shit ruined by the storm. It's always nice to know someone cares.