Thursday, July 21, 2005

What do you do when your heros start doing things that just don't sit right with you? Things that just seem plain nutty. I guess the good thing is that it doesn't make his movies any less good.

Lynch Launches Foundation for World Peace

Director David Lynch is launching the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace today which will fund transcendental meditation classes and research into the effects of yoga on body and mind. The Blue Velvet filmmaker is convinced he can alleviate the world's suffering by teaching society about the 47-year-old Hindu chanting technique and its founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The 59-year-old hopes to raise $7 billion within a year, which will go towards forming "peace-creating super groups of 8,000 meditators" around the globe, to make people calmer, less anxious and more intelligent. He tells website, "This is not a pretend thing. Our government spends seven times that on killing, calling it defending, and making machinery and technology to kill human beings in the name of peace. But today's students are even more stressed out. Their schools are hellholes. They're getting pathetic educations. They're not going forward with full decks of cards. But when they meditate, they will start shining like a bright, shiny penny, and their anxieties will go away. By diving within, they will attain a field of pure consciousness, pure bliss, creativity, intelligence, dynamic peace. You enliven the field, and every day it gets better. Negativity recedes."