Friday, April 22, 2005

House Update and Responses to Comments

Thank you to everyone who has wished us well and congatulated us on our home purchase! We are very excited about getting settled into a home that will belong to us and us alone.

Scott - You could sleep to mah house anytime. Our doors are open.

Beau, Cedia, Joe - Thanks. The more well-wishers we get, the better. We need all the support we can get here.

Elise - So far this week I've purchased a house, and about a million sundry items that the house needed. As badly as I want that print, it fell to the bottom of the list of things to buy. I haven't ordered it. If the option is still available, I would LOVE that as a house-warming gift (we would also love any paintings of yours that might be laying around the house unused. Every piece of artwork that you've given us has been proudly displayed in all of the apartments that I've lived in, and will all carry over to the house. Nothing is better than art made by someone you know....that reminds me: there was a painting that you gave me years ago that I can't find. I know I wouldn't have lost or misplaced it, so I'm wondering what could have happened to it. Remind me to ask you about it; it was my favorite of your paintings that I've received. The last time I saw it was seven years ago.)

Mom and Beth - We spent the entire day doing work at the house today, and so brought Mojo with us. He was wary at first. He kept climbing into the kitchen cabinets to hide...but he adjusted shortly and fell asleep in the middle of the kitchen.

Beth (again) - I was serious about the golf thing. I know, it's weird. I NEVER saw myself wanting to pick up golf of all games.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack some more boxes and pass out because I'm exhausted, and then get up early tomorrow to do it all again.