Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dad, If You're Reading This...

...I'm sorry if I ever called you crazy for doing what I did last night.

Yesterday we were doing some painting at the new house, and since I'm not much of a painter, I let Lindsey and her parents go at it while I worked outside in the yard. When I started it was pretty early, but between the actual work, and the several trips to both Lowe's and Wal-Mart for yard-work supplies (such as a shovel, yard rake, garden rake, weed-eater, garden hose, etc.) it took well into the evening.

By the time I was finishing up, the sun was long gone and it was pretty much pitch black outside. But I was determined to finish what I'd started, and so I continued raking in the dark. Then when I was done raking, I noticed that the weed-eater had thrown grass clippings all over the house. So I had to get the hose out in order to rinse down the walls.

And so, I was out working in the yard until well after 9:00 pm yesterday in the complete dark of night.

I know that I laughed at grown men, including my Dad, who were working in the yard in the dark, but now I understand. One thing leads to another, and you can't just leave it that way until later. There is a compulsion there to finish what you started.

In essence it is very much like "If you give a mouse a cookie..."