Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jurassic Memories

Last night I was up late watching TV because I couldn't sleep again. At about 3 am the movie Sphere came on HBO, so I watched it. The movie isn't spectacular but I remember I loved the book.

Watching the movie again reminded me of the time when I got really into the books of Michael Chrichton in the sixth and seventh grade. I was so into those books that I would try to read them any time I had a spare minute. I would read them on the bus on the ride to school, on the bench outside of class before school started every morning, and sometimes I'd sneak a couple of paragraphs in class. During lunch and recess I found a closet with a light in it, and I'd close myself in there to read while everybody else was out on the playground playing basketball or dodgeball, or whatever.

When I got home after school, if I wanted some privacy I would go up to the roof of our house to read for a couple of hours. Those books just hooked me in and didn't let go. They were so great (remember I was in like, sixth grade.) Sphere was my favorite of his books with The Andromeda Strain a close second. Of course, Jurassic Park was good too. Oh, and the Terminal Man. I really liked all of them. I had completely forgotten about that until I saw that movie on TV last night. I might just have to re-read Sphere.

I guess I should have known back then, but I am totally still the same way today. Most of the time I pass on lunch offers with the guys in my office because I'm reading a book that I really want to get back to on my break. When I step outside at the office for a smoke break, I always bring a book with me so that I won't have to talk to anybody.

You think maybe I have some interpersonal relationship issues?