Friday, March 20, 2009

Amazon Kindle...To Embrace or Resist?


"Resisting the Kindle" is article one in a series of two articles on The, presenting the Pros and Cons of the Amazon Kindle.

This article presents the "against" argument and I think it is completely flawed. To be honest I think the author was stretching for a thesis simply to be part of a series of two articles examining the pros and cons of the Kindle.

"In Defense of the Kindle" is part two of the series which presents the "pro" or "in favor of" position on the device.

I think you could do away with almost the entire article and only read the response to the original article's discussion of Wallace Stevens and the loss of historical context at risk with the discontinued regular use of Bartlett's Quotations and it still pwns.

Please discuss. I would love to hear feedback on this.