Friday, May 02, 2008

Dropping Hints

This may not be your typical baby gift, but check this out:

The Sonnier Name in History

The Sonnier Name in History is a book which is part of a new series at detailing the history of family names. I think this would be a great baby gift for Sam so that he can learn about his family name, don't you?

I'm really just kidding. This seems like a really great idea but I think it falls short of what many people might hope it to be. Apparently these books are compiled by, each containing general statistics and other information about your family name. Reading the reviews on, it appears that some people are extremely disappointed while others are tremendously pleased. For $29.99 it may be a bigger gamble than it's worth.

Have any of you guys read one? Are they helpful? Interesting? Useless and Pointless?