Monday, April 28, 2008

Sounds Like Someone's Got A Case of the Mondays


Well I had a great weekend but it did not end well.

I left work on Friday at 3:00 which is the ultimate upside of my job. Usually I leave at noon on Fridays, but I had some things to finish up before I left, and it took until 3:00. I ran a few errands and ended up home at a little after five. Then we had dinner with our friends Jeff & Erin and Jeremy & Amanda at Zea's (yes we went there twice in one week, and it was excellent both times). After dinner we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall as previously reported.

For the rest of the weekend, take the jump.

On Saturday we did the typical homeowner thing and worked in the yard all day. I had to get the grass cut, and because Dad and I are planning to have a dump truck load of top soil brought into the back yard in an effort to raise it up and improve drainage, I had to remove all of the landscaping timbers I had in a few spots around the yard where my gardens once were (the gardens are on temporary hiatus until the CPA exam is passed and Sam is born). We decided to have a dinner and movie date, but decided at the last minute to invite a friend (Joe) and eat at Buffalo Wild Wings so it was more of a casual dinner thing. Then we decided to catch the movie with Elise. This time around we watched Baby Mama, the new Tina Fey comedy. It had some pretty funny moments, but all in all was not very good (which was a disappointment because I think the world of Tina Fey). Maybe wait to watch on DVD.

On Sunday Elise hosted a baby shower for Lindsey, which seems to have gone very well. I was not on the invite list (girls only) but we racked up on some great stuff which is really going to help out so much. Major thanks to everyone who attended and to those who were not able to make it. We really love all of our gifts. Special shout outs go to the very special Pendleton Woolen Mills Chief Joseph Collection Crib Blanket from Mom:

Pendleton Chief Joseph Crib Blanket

And also the Pendleton Woolen Mills Yona Sagonigei (Blue Bear) from Kim:

Pendleton Yona Sagonigei (Blue Bear)

And finally the little tiny Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars from Scott:

Infant Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars

which also came with a coordinating navy blue sweater vest:

Picture 008

If we put a neck tie and a pair of dockers on Sam he'll look just like Scott at a Speech & Debate tournament circa 1997. Totally sweet.

The reason I send special shout outs about those three presents is because they were painstakingly picked out and delivered in time for the shower despite everyone living far out of state at the moment. Thanks so much guys.

While Lindsey was at the shower, I hung out with Jeff and Jeremy again at my house. We did what any group of serious geeks would do while all of their wives/finaces were busy doing something else. We ordered a pizza, drank some beer and played Risk.

I had never played before so it was a learning experience for me. I admit, I really enjoyed it and cannot understand why I didn't start playing years ago. We weren't able to complete the game (it's still set up on my dining room table) but I'm doing pretty well for a first-timer. I've got control of Australia (which according to Hurley on the latest episode of Lost is the whole key to the game) and I control all of Asia. Not bad for a noob. Now I only hope those words don't come back to bite me in the ass when we resume the game.

Picture 001
Click to see high res version.

For some reason though, yesterday afternoon when everyone was gone I got a terrible headache that would not go away. I thought for sure that a good night's sleep would fix me up, but I woke up this morning and still felt bad.

I was a total zombie at work most of the day today, until about 2:00. I drank another cup of coffee (my third of the day) and that seemed to do the trick. I feel a lot better now.