Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So, How Much Do You Make?

This is an interesting article from the always informative Ypulse. The idea in question is sharing your personal financial situation with your close friends. Etiquette and tradition seem to dictate that such conversations are tres gauche!, but I've noticed that people in my generation, and especially people in the next generation behind mine have no problem at all talking very casually about it. I find myself very on the fence about it.

If I had to make a decision I think I am all for talking about it. However, because I am married I find myself being much more careful because I'm not just talking about my personal finances, I am talking about our personal finances. If I were single, I imagine I would have very little problem talking openly about it.

Check out the article, and let me know in the comments section how you feel about letting your close friends know how much you make?

Somewhere in syndication lives a very memorable episode of "Friends" where Ross plans his birthday celebration at a fancy restaurant, and Rachel, Joey and Phoebe confess that they don't earn enough money for such elegant dinners. The wealthier of the group offer to pay for the not-so-wealthy to come along, and then the dreaded "charity case" emotions arise. Leave it to "Friends" to make such a delicate circumstance so comical. Of course, if the "Friends" clan had discussed their salaries in the first place, this sticky situation would have been avoided altogether.

Head on over to Ypulse to read the complete article.