Monday, November 19, 2007

The Ipod of Reading

I've long been a defender of both technological advances in every aspect of daily life, and the tactile pleasure provided by reading a book (who can forget the audio book debacle back in May 2005?). One problem I've mulled over constantly as I've slowly digitized my entire CD collection into MP3s, and now that I am in the process of doing the same to digitize my DVD collection as MPEGs is what could ever possibly help to do the same for books? How can I replace a wall filled with books with one hand-held device? I'd do it if there were a good solution available. I think that solution might be here. If not here, it's close.

There is something almost indescribable about books that almost anyone who reads a lot will tell you they do not want to give up. That is, the touch and feel and enjoyment of reading a book. Add to that the eye strain that accompanies reading from almost any kind of screen and you will find that the digitization of books seems difficult at best.

If you visit the homepage today you will see a letter from CEO Jeff Bezos discussing many of the same concerns. It seems amazon has created a new product which it hopes will move the act of reading into the 21st century. Meet Kindle.

I hope to see some reviews pop up on Cnet and other places soon so that we can get a feel of how the Kindle is going to be received, but just doing a little bit of reading about it, and watching a few promotional videos, I so want one. Its going on my wishlist without a doubt.