Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dr. David Thibodaux

I just want to take an opportunity to pay my respects to my favorite professor during my five years of college.

While I majored in accounting, I took enough English electives for it be a non-declared minor. Dr. David Thibodaux had a huge impact on me as a student. I took his classes every time I had the opportunity, which unfortunately was only twice. Recently I've talked to two friends who are hoping to pursue English degrees and my first response was to recommend Dr. Thibodaux's classes.

Below is the initial article from The Daily Advertiser.

Lafayette Parish School Board Vice President David Thibodaux was killed in a vehicle accident Saturday night, according to board members Ed Sam and Carl Lacombe.

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office said the crash was being handled by the Scott Police Department. Scott officials could not be reached by 11 p.m. Saturday.

It was unclear what caused the accident.

Sam said he learned of Thibodaux’s death around 10 p.m. Saturday when he received a phone call from Lacombe.

“I’m just so sorry to hear the news,” Sam said. “David was a real trouper on this board, and he worked well with the students, teachers and parents.”

Lacombe said he preferred not to comment without first talking to Thibodaux’s family.

Thibodaux, a longtime board member, was a staunch advocate for smaller class sizes and a proponent for improving school facilities.

He also was on the UL faculty, where he was an associate professor of English.