Monday, January 29, 2007

Too Perfect, Too Late

I wrote last week about some new albums I am listening to a lot.

Since then, I have been listening more and more to Peter and the Wolf's "Lightness" album. I seriously can't get enough. The harmonies and instrumentation are just incredible, and very much unlike most anything else that I've heard. If I were much more than a simple fan of music I would write a shining review for you guys, but I'm just not that kind of writer. The best I can do is to tell you I love it and recommend it.

To preface the next part of this post, I will warn you all that I am a terribly sentimental person. Proceed with that knowledge.

The one regret I have about the album is that on it is a song titled "Safe Travels", which I have maybe listened to about 30 times in the last two weeks (along with the other song I noted, "The Bonsai Tree"). Had that song been available or known to me 17 or 18 months ago, it would have been so perfect for a bittersweet post about my brother leaving for a tour of Iraq with the Army. Now I regret that I was not able to write that post.

To make up for it, I present to you....this post. Check out the song via the link below. You will not regret it. If you like it, buy the full CD here, here, or here,

Peter and the Wolf - Safe Travels