Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How Safe is Your Music

There are things to get irritated about on so many levels regarding this post, but the one that I am going to focus on (because it irritates me the least) is the fact that there is no need for anyone to bother thinking on their own when there are great men like Donnie Davies out there doing all the thinking for you. As if that weren't enough, he's got a website to let you know what he's thought up for you. How nice of Donnie.

Read why I find Donnie so disgusting after the jump.

One of the most dangerous ways homosexuality invades family life is through popular music. Parents should keep careful watch over their children's listening habits, especially in this Internet Age of MP3 piracy.

So says Donnie, founder of the C.H.O.P.S. program, or Changing Homosexuals in Ordinary People.

Donnie is compiling a list of "Gay bands" that people should watch out for, lest homosexuality invade their home. I almost can't decide which is more irritating, the fact that someone is compiling such a ridiculous list, or that the artists on the list don't make any sense. Ok, Rufus Wainwright? Yeah, he's gay so I can see his inclusion on such a list. Elton John, sure, if you were going to think up a stupid list like this I can see the inclination to include him. But Metallica? Jay-Z? Ghostface Killa? Lil Wayne? Sufjan Stevens (a very publicly Chrstian singer/songwriter)? The Strokes? What the hell are these people doing on a list like this? It's preposterous.

Thankfully for those among us who are letting Donnie do our thinking, there is also a list of "Safe" artists. Artists who won't threaten your and your children's sexuality in any way. Strangely, the safe list is very short and filled with mostly Christian rock artists....and Cyndi Lauper????? How did she make the safe list?