Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tips For the New View

If you guys are having problems viewing the blog now that I've added the second sidebar, here are a few suggestions to make your viewing experience much easier.

(1) - Dowload and install Firefox. Internet Explorer can't hold a candle to Firefox. I haven't used the latest Internet Explorer 7, which I understand is supposed to contain a lot of major changes (maybe they're as good as the awesome new Windows Media Player 11, maybe not), but the latest version of Firefox is really impressive. The look and feel of the browser is streamlined and it even includes an embedded spell-checker. How cool is that? No more writing e-mails in Word and copying and pasting into your browser. Also, Firefox is widely recognized as a safer and superior internet browser.

(2) - Change your Screen Resolution display settings to 1280x1024 pixels. This makes everything on the screen smaller, and you may not want this, but this is the setting I use and I love it. I find it neat and clean. Start->Control Panel->Display->Settings tab->Screen Resolution box.