Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Michael Richards Apologizes

So, after watching the offending video a few times, giving it a lot of thought, then discussing it with a few people, and now watching Michael Richards' apology (below as long as Goo-Tube will leave it up) I'm not sure what to think about this whole situation.

Nothing that he can say and no apology he can offer will make amends for the comments he made on that stage. However, if you really watch the first video, and listen to what he says in his apology, it does seem that he got caught up in a furious moment of rage that overtook him and he allowed himself to be carried away. At one point in he first video it doesn't even seem like he's aware of what he's saying anymore. He's just completely lost it.

His appearance on David Letterman made for six of the most uncomfortable minutes of TV that I've seen in a while. He really seemed shaken up over it, reeling from his own actions. He wasn't quite able to explain why he reacted the way he did, or where those feelings came from. Like I said, none of that excuses his actions, but as uncomfortable as it seems, I think he truly is sorry, and not just because of the backlash that come at him, but because he is genuinely sorry for allowing himself to go to that place.