Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Wow, Did I Fail To Mention...

...that my birthday is right around the corner?

Well it certainly is. September 28th. Definitely not September 16th.

What I really want for my birthday are gift cards to World Market in any amount anyone wishes to give me. Lindsey and I are trying to buy a dining room table for our new house, and we can't afford it because we just bought a new house. We figure if we both ask for nothing but gift cards for both of our birthdays (hers is October 26th) and for Christmas, we may be able to give ourselves a new table and a full set of chairs as a New Year's gift. Any takers? Maybe pictures of the set we want will convince you:

Ajara Dining table
This is the table we want. It is called the Ajara Dining Table.

Ajara Dining Chair
Here you have an example of what the chairs look like. I think the plan is to buy four of these. You'd have to ask Lindsey to be certain though.

Ajara Dining Bench
This is the bench that goes with the set (sold separately). With the chairs, we would have room at the table for six to sit and eat comfortably. We could easily fit up to eight if we had to I think.

If you guys help us get our table, we promise to cook for you. What a deal, eh!

If you are the type who simply refuses to give gift cards I have alternatives, natch. All year long I maintain four separate wish lists on They are up to date and I want pretty much everything you see on each list, though they are not sorted in any way. You'd be safe to buy just about anything on any list. And what convenience, you can hope right over to my lists, shop and select your purchase and it will ship to my house. So easy!

Without further adieu:

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