Sunday, September 03, 2006

Convicted Child Arsonist

This may be more vulgar and silly than some of you are comfortable with, so I'll put the advisory right up top here. Also, probably not suitable for work.

Some of the comedians best known for their appearances on VH-1's Best Week Ever have been making videos and posting them on YouTube. Presented here is Aziz Ansari as Clell Tickle - Indie Marketing Guru. This video is funny as hell, kind of poking fun at music review blogs.

If you enjoyed that, check out this short titled Other Music. Two clerks at an indie record store are total assholes. Well, you could watch the video or just head to your local indie record store. Chances are you'll have to deal with some variation of the two guys in this video.

Also, watch Ansari's video series with Rob Huebel, "Shutterbugs". The duo play Bill and Samir respectively, who run a talent agency for children. The series is great.

Shutterbugs: Episode 01

Shutterbugs: Episode 02
Shutterbugs: Episode 03