Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Brother's 15 Minutes

The 172nd Striker Brigade has had its stay in Iraq extended. To announce the news of the extended stay, the Army held a press conference. My brother can be seen in this video behind and to the right of the speaker. He looks about as excited as you might imagine someone to be who has recently found out that he will be going back to Iraq.

I talked to him about the conference and the fact that he was on Good Morning America and all he had to say was "Yeah I was supposed to be off that day, but I had to go to that shit." He's a pretty excitable guy.

Ed leaves on Saturday to return to Iraq. This time he will be in Baghdad to help fight the insurgents there. Everyone please keep him in your thoughts.

Super crazy mad props and big thanks go out to Kim for scouring the internet and hunting this clip down for us. Thanks a million Kim!