Friday, July 14, 2006

Pretty Amazing

How do things like this go on for an entire year without my ever hearing anything about it? This is so cool.

Yep, today is one year to the day I placed a picture of one red paperclip on this site. Today is also the day Dom and I will be in Kipling Saskatchewan to shake hands with mayor Pat Jackson and officially trade one movie role for one house, located at 503 Main Street. This is going to be so much fun. Should be on the news and stuff today - stay tuned for pictures of the house tomorrow!


Source: one red paperclip

The guy's story is bizarre, but really cool. On July 12, 2005 he wrote a post on his blog which read that he would trade anything with anyone who wanted one red paperclip in return. He traded the paperclip for an ink pen shaped like a fish. The fish pen was then traded for a doorknob. The doorknob was then traded for a Coleman stove. The Coleman stove was then traded for a red generator. The red generator was traded "one instant party" or a beer keg, a neon sign and a keg's worth of beer. The instant party was then trade for a snowmobile. The snowmobile was then traded for a trip to Yahk, British Columbia. The trip to Yahk was then traded for a Cintas moving van. The Cintas moving van was then traded for a recording contract which included 30 hours of recording time at a studio in Toronto. The recording contract was traded for one year of free rent at an apartment in Phoenix, AZ. The rent free apartment was then traded for a chance to spend an entire day with Alice Cooper. The day with Alice Cooper was traded for a Kiss snow globe. The snow globe was traded (with Corben Bernsen) for a role in an upcoming movie. The movie role was then traded for a house in Kipling Saskatchewan.

Supposedly the trading stops there. Kyle MacDonald's original goal when he offered up the one red paperclip was to trade until he got a house.