Monday, February 13, 2006

A Dream I Had on 02-13-2006

I'm walking through a strange city that I do not recognize very late at night and do not know my way around. My sister Beth and brother Ed are with me. We are wandering around a residential neighborhood just being us when we're together: goofing around, cutting up, laughing, and all around having a good time.

Suddenly it starts raining and we are getting soaked. We cut through someone's yard as we're running through the rain, hoping to make it a shortcut, , but I have no idea where we're going. As we are cutting through the yard, I notice that one of the windows is open in the house. The three of us climb in through the window to get out of the rain and dry off. At least, that's what I think we were doing. I'm actually not sure, but nothing else makes much sense.

While in the house, Beth, Ed and I start looking around. We're not doing anything, just looking around, thankful to be out of the rain. I notice some kids in the house. They see me and head up some stairs. Seeing these kids, I realize that we should probably get out of the house because something bad could happen, for instance, the kids may tell their parents that some strangers are in the house, and the parents will come downstairs. I figure Beth and Ed saw the kids too because they were right out in the open, so I head out the window and into the yard hoping that they are right behind me or finding another way out.

Just as I get into the yard, I hear someone behind me and it isn't Beth or Ed, and I guess that it's one of the parents. I start running immediately and manage to get far enough away that I feel confident that I am hidden in the darkness. I crouch down behind a bush and finally start to get my senses back. My fight or flight responses begin to fade away and reason returns. I begin to realize that Beth and Ed didn't get out and that they must have been caught. I wander the streets not knowing where I am or what to do for a while until...

...I wake up terrified.

This is not the first dream I've had like this recently. There was another one very similar to it a month or so ago. In the previous dream however, I was alone and I didn't sneak into anyone's house. I was simply wandering around a strange city alone and I had no idea where to go or why I was there. Just like this one though, it ended with me waking up in the middle of the night absolutely terrified.