Friday, January 13, 2006

New Links

Once again, over in the sidebar I have added some new links for you guys to click on, follow, and find new ways to goof around while you probably should be doing other things. Like working. Or cleaning the house. Perhaps doing laundry. Taking a stroll outside. Polishing that stainless steel trashcan that does not seem to stay free of smudges and gunk. Starting a blog of your own. E-mailing Luke.

Under the heading "Let's Go to the Movies" you will find links to most, if not all film outlets in Portland, Oregon. I know many of my readers have absolutely no interest whatsoever in what's playing here in Portland, and I acknowledge that. I however, like to have those links there so that I can always simply click on the right and find out what I should watch and when. Plus, most of those theaters are pretty cool. Check out the show times to see the kind of really cool stuff the independent theaters here do.

Added to the "Cool Links" section of links is a link to my personal Flickr homepage. Most of the pictures you may have seen before because Flickr is the service I use to host all of the pictures that I eventually post here, but there are some that have never been posted on useless and pointless knowledge, so I encourage you to check them out. Feel free to leave comments if you choose. All of the pictures on the site were taken by me personally, unless I'm in the picture, then I'd say it's fair to assume that someone else took it.

Finally, coming soon to a sidebar near you is a section I am working on titled "Lost Links." This will be a section dedicated to ABC's hit television series "Lost." If you love this show like I love this show, then you will enjoy some of the links I provide. If you've never seen the show, why are you reading this post? You should be out either, buying the first season DVD, downloading every episode from iTunes, or renting the first season on DVD. Once you do any of the above, I recommend blocking out roughly 50 or so hours of a weekend and watching every single episode (34 as of this writing.) Trust me; you will thank me in the morning. I am excited to be working on this new section of links for the same reason stated above regarding Portland movie show times. For one thing, I visit all of the sites in question really often and it will make things more convenient for me to have all of the links easily accessible, and secondly I think (hope) you guys might enjoy them as well.