Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Dream I Had On 09-12-2005

I'm in a classroom in New Orleans at what I think UNO, and there is a teacher I don't recognize in front of the class. He is lecturing us on censorship in the media in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In the dream, a number of media outlets like Fox News and CNN were being told what to cover and what not to cover. Shepard Smith had previously been removed from the air on Fox News due to something he said on air.

My professor was really upset about it, and mentioned in his lecture that he wished he could have Shepard Smith as a guest lecturer in the class. He was actually quite distraught by the fact that he could not talk to Shepard Smith.

At that moment, a hooded figure in a robe rises out of a seat at the back of the class. The robed figure walks toward the front of the classroom, and everyone is shocked, because somehow no one had noticed its presence prior to its rising from the desk it was sitting in.

As the hooded figure reaches the front of the classroom, the robe is thrown to the floor to reveal a stern-looking, solemn faced Shepard Smith. He is dressed in full priest's regalia; a very fancy and dressy version of the traditional preist's black. There are several very ornate rosaries around his neck.

As he begins to speak I wake up.