Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Current Update

A week ago, I called Latter & Blum Realty because I want to sell the house in New Orleans as soon as I can. I chose Latter & Blum because their website was the only that had been updated since the hurricane, and I stated that they had relocated temporarily and were already conducting business in New Orleans. I took that as an encouraging sign and called them. I got stuck with the first guy who answered the phone as my agent, apparently. At first I was pleased with what he had to say, and I thought he sounded competent and willing to help.

After a week of getting no decent information from him, and having a very tough time actually finding him when I wanted to talk to him, I decided to call someone else.

I did a little more research this time and found a guy online who specializes in my area of the city. I took a chance, called him and he was very nice. We have been e-mailing since, and I already like him a lot more than the first guy. He wanted to know all about my house, and said that he will be trying to drive by it in the next week. A real take charge kind of guy, exactly what I'm looking for right now.

The good news about real estate in New Orleans right now is:

1) The records held at City Hall in New Orleans are safe and should be open for access very soon.
- This is important because in order to sell we will have to have a title search done.

2) New Orleans residents should be allowed to return to the city early next week.
- This is important because that means prospective buyers will be returning to the city. These people will need a place to live, and I've got a nice one.

So that is where we are with the house.

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location, Lindsey and I have begun to take steps toward moving our lives. Lindsey has contacted the State Board of Nursing for our target state about getting a license to practice, and they have been very helpful and encouraging. There should be no problems in doing that. I have sent out some resumes, in the hope that some accounting firm there will take interest in a poor New Orleans boy who needs a job in order to start a new life. I haven't heard anything yet, but I only sent the resumes out yesterday.

So, we are making great progress. I feel good about our decisions, and I am confident that things should work out well for us. Let's hope so anyway. I think we've put up with enough shit for the time being.