Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend Update

Lindsey's parent came in this weekend to stay with us from Thursday night until Sunday morning. They were heading home from a week long trip to Florida, and stopped into New Orleans on the way home.

They came in on Thursday night, exhausted from the drive so we decided to go out to eat. We needed someplace laid back a good so we ended up at Juan's Flying Burrito which was awesome. That was pretty much all of Thursday.

On Friday I had to work all day and Lindsey and her parents went shopping. They were still out when I got home at 5:00, so I went to the park in our neighborhood and played a game of basketball with one of the guys who lives near there. Lindsey called when they got home and I headed back. I was playing the guy in a game to ten. When she called I had to cut the game short, but at the time I was up 6 to 4. Nice.

We spent Friday night at home, and Lindsey cooked. It was nice.

On Saturday we went to the French Quarter and walked around, ducking into shops for a few hours. We ended the afternoon with a stroll along the Mississippi River and a trip to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Afterward we had a very late lunch at Voodoo Barbeque. We topped all of it off with a trip to Mid-City for gelatos and lattes at Angelo Brocato's...awesome.

My inlaws left early on Sunday morning in order to make it home in time for church, and so they were gone when we woke up. Lindsey and I spent Sunday working in the yard again. We purchased a really pretty Weeping Willow tree and planted it in the yard. To plant it, we had to move another, smaller tree we planted a few weeks ago. To plant that tree, I had to break up a bunch of concrete in the spot where I wanted the tree. It was only a 4 x 4 area of concrete, but I wore myself out breaking it up and hauling it to a nearby dumpster.

After the strenuous yard work, I collapsed, watched half of a movie and crashed for the night.