Friday, July 01, 2005

My Hands Hurt

Lindsey is out of town right now for her brother's wedding in Lafayette. I will be leaving later today to attend (and serve) in the wedding, but she left yesterday afternoon to attend the rehearsal and to help her Mom with any last minute things that come up which need to be addressed. I couldn't go yesterday because of work.

So that left me at home alone last night. I used the opportunity to shirk all other responsibility and play Xbox during my free time.

I think I played SSX3, the latest in EA Sports' snowboarding series for at least three hours after my night class. My hands hurt so bad from going nuts with the controller for such an extended period of time! I've got blisters on my fingers! (Major culture points to anyone who gets that reference.)

The moral of the story I think is that I need to start playing video games much more often because I've got to toughen up my hands for extended periods of play. I know my younger brother has permanent calluses on his hands because he's pretty much had a game controller in his hand since the time he was about six years old. That was 15 years ago.

I've got some catching up to do.