Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Magical Mystical Mojo Slideshow

Sloth asked for pictures of Mojo who is cute rather than stumps, which I suppose are not as cute. I am always happy to respond when anyone wants to see more Moj. Here it goes:

If cats were delivered to your doorstep by storks the way that babies are this how Mojo would have arrived:

This is what we did in the summer of 2003 when we got bored. I submitted this picture to Stuff on my Cat but I don't think he ever used it.

I asked Mojo to teach me how to disappear completely. It was awesome. He got all blurry like this and then he was completely invisible for about 10 minutes. Careful where you sit.

This is a selection from a series of pictures taken during Mojo's interpretive dance to Michael Jackson's "Black or White."

And finally this picture isn't of Mojo, but the first cat that I ever had. Lindsey brought him home to me in 1998 as a gift, and I loved him. He hated everyone in the world but me. His name was Vino (as in wine) but it eventually became Big Kitty (or Kitty S. Dumb depending on who you talk to.) He is not with us anymore. Also seen in this picture is Scott's cat. This was taken shortly after his cat was adopted, and Big Kitty did not like her and is just about to ruin her day.