Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Apologies in Advance...

if blogging is a little light for the next eight days.

None of you will care about this most likely, but the month of July is a fairly busy one in the accounting world for a couple of reasons. We tend to get a little bit busy at the end of each quarter; preparing payroll tax returns (due quarterly,) sometimes preparing financial statements that some banks like to see from their debt-heavy customers on a quarterly basis, and various other little things.

The end of the second quarter in particular is usually real busy because not only is it the typical end of the quarter, but a lot of companies have a fiscal year which ends on June 30th. So in addition to the extra work mentioned above, there are year-end financial statements to prepare (which are generally given a more thorough and rigorous preparation than normal quarter-end financials) and fiscal year-end tax returns to prepare. Then of course there are all of the normal year-end tax returns that have been put on extension that need to be completed by either August 15th or September 15th.

I tend to favor doing financial statement preparation to tax return preparation (there's a big difference, I promise) and so I get a lot of that kind of work, which is awesome. The downside to that is that preparing financial statements takes a lot of time and tedious work. So right now I'm completely immersed in a sea of financial statements.

As if all of that weren't enough, my firm scheduled me and all of my co-workers (staff level only) for a three day continuing professional education (CPE) course from August 1st - 3rd. That means that all of the work I mentioned above has to be completed by this Friday because it cannot be put off until after the three day class, natch.

So I haven't had much time to think of any decent posts, and may not until Thursday of next week. That's not a promise though, so keep checking in!